Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Midnight...Not A Sounds From The Pavement

Several cats, and their assorted families, call my garden home. This may well be due to the fact that one of my neighbors feeds them daily, dry and canned food, and water. I am somewhat annoyed as they then use the garden as their toilet as well as we have so many flies drawn to their excrement it is difficult to enter the building in the summer. Plus roasting cat poo doesn't smell the best.

My dog, Sharona, however loves the cats. She loves chasing them (conveniently forgetting that as a puppy she got scratched in the eye during a similar game and now has vision problems) and she loves stealing their food. As if she doesn't eat enough at home.

Well, last night I was coming off of Mishmar Ezrachi duty (civil patrol) [more on this later] and I see that one of our garden cats is lying in the street. Obviously he was hit by a car, as he was bleeding, but he was still breathing and moving and in pain. I phoned in to my commander to request permission to fire my gun and put the poor thing out of his misery. Mind you, this would have been dangerous, as the cat was laying on asphalt, and the bullet would have ricocheted unless i aimed at him from the side, so the trajectory would have been parallel to the asphalt. Even then there was lots of traffic. And I've never shot my gun before, except at the range.

My commander said he could not give me permission to discharge the weapon, but instead said to call the municipality who would send a veterinarian over. So we called at around 10 pm. By 10:25 they're not there. Then I remembered that there is a vet who lives on my street, named Doni, though I don't know his number or last name. He once helped me when Sharona was stung by a bee and was in a lot of pain. He was really sweet and after telling me which medicine to give her, even offered to come over and check up on her.

My roomate decided to look up "veterinarian" in the yellow pages and started looking for a doctor named Doni. Lo and behold there was a Doni listed and his cellphone number was there. The number looked familiar, so we called it and it was the right guy. He said he'd be over in like 20 minutes. Meanwhile the cat is still alive and trying to move, and the municipality is nowhere to be found. At some point the chevra kadisha (burial society) van pulled up, and for a minute, I actually thought that the municipality sent the chevra kadisha van for the cat. But no, one of my old neighbors had died.

15 minutes later Dr. Doni shows up, and mercifully puts the cat down. A quick shot to the heart, and he's up in kitty-cat heaven. It was very sad, and all the other cats seemed sad, but that is probably just me projecting. And I'm not even a cat person.

Anyway, the purpose of this whole story is to say thanks to Dr. Doni for coming and helping us out. I guess people who become veterinarians are obviously really good people. Not that this is news, but it was a really nice thing to do. And we're still waiting for the municipality to show up...14 hours later.

I just saw this story . What kind of sick f***s are these kids? Who would raise children to do something like this? I hope someone catches these kids and the violates the 8th Amendment and punishes them well. Like sticking fireworks up their asses and letting them run around.


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