Sunday, January 08, 2006

Almost Paradise

One of the more exciting things about our new place is it comes with a parking spot - a covered parking spot. I am (was) particularly excited about this, since at our old building we often got stuck parking under a tree that had lots of birds in it - and lots of birds make lots of poo...on our new white car.

However, there is someone from our building who keeps parking in our parking spot. We haven't even been there a week, and someone (the same car) has parked there twice. Last night it was pouring buckets of rain, and we had to go park out on the street instead of in our nice covered spot.

I was so mad!!! I tried to take the person's windshield wipers off, so they'd have to come back to apologize in order to get them (I saw that in a movie once) but I couldn't figure out how. I wanted to lay a fresh, um, "present" from Sharona on the hood of the car, but that would be bad for neighborly relations.

So I settled for a not-so-nice note on the winshield (the wipers of which I popped into the "out" position to ensure the note would be read) saying that the next time they took my spot I'd have them towed.

This morning, at 8:15 am, they're still there. I checked around with the neighbors, none of whom say its them. I called the police to find out who the owner was, but unfortunately its a rented car. I went to one neighbor to see if he could help (I didn't think it was him, since he has his own space) and I get the feeling he's hiding something. He got really pissed when I told him I've called the police to find out who the owner was and he said that if I wanted all my new neighbors to hate me then that would be the way to do it. That if I would just be patient, in a day or two the person would leave and I could have my spot back. That its no big deal to give up your spot for a few days.

Meanwhile, while I am patient, I get to park on the street during the rain.

I would like to take this opportunity to say hey to Linda, my new across-the-hall neighbor and blog-reader...I know you didn't steal my spot!

Okay, Ra'anana may not have ONLY perfectly nice, happy people, but its still a damn sighte better than J-town.


Blogger lisoosh said...

He definitely sounds suspicious. It also sounds like he expects that person to keep stealing your spot - very rude. Short of becoming paranoid and maintaining constant surveillance of the spot I'm not sure what you can do.
Sounds like you REALLY like Ranaana though!

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Karen said...

That sounds totally frustrating. Sometimes you need a reminder that you do still actually live in Israel :)

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Nicole said...

I had a similar experience (also in Raanana, although it wasn't raining). Went round all the neighbors, they all denied it was them, then I called the police and told them there was a suspicious car in my carpark and it didn't belong to anyone and I thought it might be a car bomb (this was just a week after a car in a Hod Hasharon building carpark was found to be carrying a bomb, so i was a bit paranoid).
One of the neighbors also seemed a bit suspicious to me, so I went back to him and asked again if it belonged to him, because I had just called the police and they were on their way. At that point he owned up, couldn't see what the problem was with stealing the park, and couldn't believe I was annoyed enough to have called the police.
Anyway, my advice to you is - why put up with this neighbor's behavior - tell him you're not prepared to wait a day or 2 - that you are paying for this spot, and he can either rent it from you for the next couple of days, or you'll get him towed right now.
If you don't want to speak to him, ask the Va'ad Bayit or your landlord to do it.

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Allison said...

Definitely take it to the Vaad Bayit. That's what they are there for.

When are you coming over?

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all your anti-JM and pro-Ra'anana posts me thinks you have lost the right to the title of this blog

12:10 AM  
Blogger RR said...

Give it time- after you've lived here a while you'll see that there are plenty of insane folk here as well. It sounds like the parking space thief is your not-so-friendly neighbor's houseguest.

I understand your wanting to pull the wipers off- but be careful, you might get more than an apology when the guy comes over. Going to the Vaad Bayit sounds like a good idea.

3:44 PM  
Blogger Yael K said...

Did you know that a slice of baloney will take the paint right off a car if it sits on it for a mere 6 hours? Yes, I was an evil child :) Not that I'm suggesting anything regarding your er intruder. But boy if that isn't enough to make a person a vegematarian I don't know what is?!

Good luck with the car crisis and definitely go to the Vaad Bayit.

11:43 PM  
Blogger Pragmatician said...

What lousy thing to do! Stealing a parking spot is wrong. But perhaps this guy had been parking there for awhile and was not aware you had moved already, by now I'm sure he must've heard.
Don't let your neighbors threaten you, what is yours is yours.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Seth said...

You know he's just full of it and won't have much of a story to tell the neighbors that would make them hate you.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:57 PM  
Anonymous Ali said...

weird Palistinian reply to the parking issue...

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh My God!
Have the car towed- If your neigbors don't understand then they are not good friend candidates.

10:28 PM  

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