Thursday, July 28, 2005

the long overdue Wedding post

Thanks to all who made my wedding the dream come true that it was, particularly my incredible husband Bryan. Also, to all the bloggers who made our evening so special.

I had an absoultely fabulous time, and am still in the newlywed glow (may it never end!) so I'll save all the funny rants for another time and leave you with a few more pictures. Bryan has finally given me permission to post real pictures of us!

The view during our chuppah (note the Old City and Dome of the Rock between us)

The flowergirls - my chatty 3-year-old niece and my dog Sharona - both of whom behaved perfectly.

The much talked about bone marrow drive - that's me being tested while waiting for the wedding to begin!

Bryan coming to bring me into the chuppah.

And finally - the new Mr. & Mrs.!