Monday, October 03, 2005

Biker chick

Okay - I am interrupting my blogging silence to bring you news - I just rode on a motorcycle for the first time in my life!!! And not a little scooter/Vespa-type thing either, a full-on 750 cc motorcycle. (See pic here And although I have been staunchly anti-motorcycle my entire life (preferring the medical term/joke "donor-cycle", so-named because those who get into accidents make perfect organ donors - generally young, otherwise healthy, and the only thing harmed is usually the brain), I now totally get it! What a rush!

My boss, a 62-year old Israeli farmer, begged me to work this morning, Erev Rosh Hashana, a day with much to accomplish and generally pretty spotty bus service. I told him I would come into work for 2 hours IF he would give me a ride home. Turns out, his idea of a ride home was on his motorcycle. I figured if I would go with anyone, it'd be him. He takes tons of safety courses, and is not a wild and risk-taking 25 year old guy.

So we rode from Hadassah Ein Karem to my house in Bak'a (a considerable distance - about 20-25 minutes at a good clip), and even though I am still scraping dead bugs off my forehead, I loved it!!! I was kind of hoping Bryan would be outside when I pulled up, so he could see his new biker-chick wife, but he wasn't.

Anyway, seeing as how I turned 26 2 days ago, this is one more thing I can cross off my list of Things to do.

If I manage to upload my pics today, I will begin writing about our honeymoon, from which we just returned Thursday night. If not, Shana Tova (Happy Jewish New Year - which begins in about an hour) to all!