Sunday, January 08, 2006

Almost Paradise

One of the more exciting things about our new place is it comes with a parking spot - a covered parking spot. I am (was) particularly excited about this, since at our old building we often got stuck parking under a tree that had lots of birds in it - and lots of birds make lots of poo...on our new white car.

However, there is someone from our building who keeps parking in our parking spot. We haven't even been there a week, and someone (the same car) has parked there twice. Last night it was pouring buckets of rain, and we had to go park out on the street instead of in our nice covered spot.

I was so mad!!! I tried to take the person's windshield wipers off, so they'd have to come back to apologize in order to get them (I saw that in a movie once) but I couldn't figure out how. I wanted to lay a fresh, um, "present" from Sharona on the hood of the car, but that would be bad for neighborly relations.

So I settled for a not-so-nice note on the winshield (the wipers of which I popped into the "out" position to ensure the note would be read) saying that the next time they took my spot I'd have them towed.

This morning, at 8:15 am, they're still there. I checked around with the neighbors, none of whom say its them. I called the police to find out who the owner was, but unfortunately its a rented car. I went to one neighbor to see if he could help (I didn't think it was him, since he has his own space) and I get the feeling he's hiding something. He got really pissed when I told him I've called the police to find out who the owner was and he said that if I wanted all my new neighbors to hate me then that would be the way to do it. That if I would just be patient, in a day or two the person would leave and I could have my spot back. That its no big deal to give up your spot for a few days.

Meanwhile, while I am patient, I get to park on the street during the rain.

I would like to take this opportunity to say hey to Linda, my new across-the-hall neighbor and blog-reader...I know you didn't steal my spot!

Okay, Ra'anana may not have ONLY perfectly nice, happy people, but its still a damn sighte better than J-town.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'm it!

Okay, I've been tagged for the following meme by Jeru Guru, so here goes - I'll have to save my accounting of how much I love Ra'anana for after the meme.

Four jobs I've had in my life:
1. Sold Penthouse magazine over the phone (and was a top seller)
2. Checked sperm samples for STD's (an unpaid internshp - does this count?)
3. Gap girl - before I knew how to match clothes!
4. Patent Attorney

Four movies I could watch over and over:
1. When Harry Met Sally
2. Love Actually
3. Fiddler on the Roof
4. My wedding video

Four places I've lived:
1. Jerusalem
2. Boston - really Waltham, Mass.
3. Ra'anana
4. Philadelphia - the bad part of town

Four TV Shows I Love to watch:
1. Sex and the City
2. Jeopardy
3. Gilmore Girls
4. ER

Four places I've been on vacation:
1. Paris
2. Venice
3. Cape Town
4. Athens, Georgia

Four websites I visit daily:
2. (I'm willing to admit it)

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Indian food - any of it! (but only authentic - no meat)
2. Sweet potato Ravioli with Rosa sauce
3. Carpaccio - particularly from Joy
4. Peanut butter and 4 Berry Jelly on a plain Bagel, drunk with apple juice

Four places you'd rather be:
1. Venice - walking along the back streets, away from tourists
2. Skiing down a double black diamond hill - somewhere in Vermont
3. Hiking in the Golan - then relaxing at the Carmel Forest Spa
4. Snuggled with my husband and dog - at home

Four books I'll read over and over again: (I do this with any book I enjoy)
1. To Kill a Mockingbird
2. Netter's Guide to Anatomy
3. Angels and Demons
4. Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner

I'd like to tag the following: Treppenwitz, Gilly, Lapis Dreams and .... my friend Joel H., who sadly, I can't remember his blog's address off the top of my head, so I'll have to check back later.