Thursday, February 17, 2005

Mother in Law?

Despite having all my difficult final exams behind me (and passing them all with the exception of Gerontology), I was so nervous yesterday I couldn't actually eat.

I was meeting my future mother in law for the first time.

I cannot tell you how scared I was. Based on some presumptions, which Bryan kept assuring me were incorrect, I had created this person in my mind who would most definitely not like me.

I am a healthy weight, I am a curvy weight. I am neither fat nor thin. I am comfortable in my body, and have grown to love it. But my future mother in law is a woman at the end of the fifth decade of her life, has borne 3 children, is the same height as me, and weighs almost 10 kilos less than me. Her email address, as my own (plump) mother read aloud in shock and horror, is

You can see why I was afraid.

Here I am marrying this person's first-born child, we've never met, and I know that back in her working days she was a cosmetician and her email address describes a figure-type neither I nor my mother will ever reach. [Bryan later told me that "slim" is Afrikaans slang for clever].

So when Bryan's parents came through the Arrivals section at Ben Gurion last night, I was more than shocked. Actually, due to engagement eye and my own vanity, because I could not get my contact lenses in my eyes, but did not want to meet her wearing glasses, I was blind as a bat. So I didn't really "catch a first glimpse" of her - I had to wait until she was up in my face to see. She looks exactly like Bryan, just with a bit more hair. And she was nothing like the stuffy, over-coiffed, perfectly manicured talons, matching suit, pumps and pearl necklace mother in law I had anticipated.

The first words out of her mouth (after she stopped crying over the joy of meeting her eldest child's choice for a life mate) were, "The never told me how beautiful you are - you are absolutely gorgeous!"

As you can see, I really had nothing to be worried about at all.


Blogger Avi said...

Great Story! Welcome to the wonderful world of in-laws! It's different, that's for sure. Good luck! See you Sunday!

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! I am enjoying watching your unfolding future. you deserve a good mother-in-law.


4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree that hearing a first hand account of your engagement is really cool.
Tell us more details about the wedding planning? Do you have a date, a hall, a dress?

12:10 AM  

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