Monday, July 12, 2004

Knock, Knock - Its The Property Reassesor

Last night I arrived at home to find an extremely happy little dog jumping up and down and a note tucked into my door. The note was disturbing even before I read it, as it was in my door -- as in the door had been opened and the note was halfway in my apartment and halfway out of it.

It was from the municipality of Bnei Brak, a town I don't live in nor have ever been to. And from what I could gather someone owed somebody else money. The letter was addressed to the son of my LOL (little old lady) landlord. He apparently owes a parking fine from several years and since traditional attempts to collect the fine have failed, the city sent a reassesor 'round to say that if the bill was not paid in 7 days, they would enter the house and reasses the contents of the house up to the value of what is owed.

Very nice. So the deadbeat son has been using our address (which he could not have lived at for at least 8 years) and if he doesn't pay the money he owes by Sunday, we're gonna find some things missing. One has to assume that the municipality took some steps before sending a propoert reassesor all the way to Jerusalem. And clearly the deadbeat son didn't seem to acknowledge those, or pay his bill.

My roomate thought we should call the son and tell him to pay. Right. Because the threat that someone else's stuff will be repossesed is going to make him pay up, while the other tactics I assume they've used haven't yet worked.

We called the municipality to explain them the scenario. They said we'd need to fax them our contract, plus a letter stating our story, and we can cross our fingers and hope they believe us.

So if you see my stuff for sale somewhere....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not really Anonymous (couldn't have possibly said all those brilliant witticisms mysteriously attributed to Anon.) -- I'm Joel. Just wanted to let you know that I HAVE now read your blog! Thanks for writing, for without writers we cannot read. :-)

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