Thursday, July 29, 2004

Overstuffed Sandwich

My life is currently out of control. Not really, but very overstressed. I am moving apartments in 3 days time, and have packed only 6 boxes and 2 large bags. That emptied out 1 bookshelf and my winter clothes (sweaters, coats).

The other night my 2-soon-to-be-ex roomates decided to clean out the storage room. This made a bad situation worse, as every inch of floor and table in the house was covered with the contents of the room. And when I woke up in the morning I was barricaded into my room by the amount of stuff that was mine and had previously been in the storage room, or stuff they assumed was mine and had previously been in the storage room. Clearly they could think of no better place to stick it then in front of my bedroom door, while I was sleeping. Why am I moving apartments you ask?

My parents are moving here (from America) in less than 2 weeks. Their apartment is currently totally empty. Not one item in it. I ordered their beds yesterday, and a second-hand fridge I bought them to tide them over til their lift arrives is due next Thursday. I've made a list of everything they'll need for their first day and night here, after which I hope we'll have the energy to go shopping. They will be relying on me completely for the first while, since they don't speak the language, don't know their way around. Also, the ship that currently holds all their material possessions is meandering towards Egypt or Greece instead of Ashdod thanks to the port strike. For the pleasure of waiting several extra weeks to receive their items, my parents get to fork over an extra $800 (not to mention the cost of buying all the temporary items to tide them over til their stuff arrives). Meanwhile, the dockworkers get to sit on their asses, get paid, and fight for bigger pensions! Can you sue the dockworkers for violating the decision of the National Labor Court?

The D. saga is still ongoing....not that this shocked anyone. Fortunately (never thought I'd say this) he is living on his army base for the next 3 months, coming home only on weekends, while he heads up the army's law school course. I'm proud of him for that, but also annoyed because it means he's not around.

My boss and I had a little chat the other day (which she relayed to my secretary the next day) about whether I was suited for the job (I've been here for almost 10 months) and (from my side) whether this job was suited for me. The semi-conclusion was that I would be better elsewhere and she would be better hiring someone else, though we have set no time to do this. I hope she at least lets me ride out the month of August, because I have no energy to go job hunting now. I'd rather work August, take September off and start looking in October. Or maybe go back to school....maybe this is a sign?

So my life is a little overwhelming right now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Soon you'll be moved, your parents will be more or less able to function on their own, and your career trajectory will be more clear. Until then, remember you've got friends who love and admire you!

10:58 AM  
Blogger Noa said...

Thanks Sarah! I'm not that worried about much, just have lots to do. But with a little help from Ben & Jerry's all will be ok!

1:01 PM  
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