Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Premature Congratulation

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes on my "retirement", but it was sadly, premature.

As soon as I posted the last posting, my boss called, to say she had set up a meeting for me for this past Sunday. There went my trip to Greece.

So I had all of 2.5 days of vacation. And am now back at work. However, I will only be here another few days, and then I will be really, really done. I hope. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I am cruising along in my nursing school steps. I got above a level vav on the ulpan test. So the "condition" of my acceptance has been waived and I am now unconditionally accepted! And I am IN LOVE with my new backpack!

Now I am trying to find a way to pay my bills while in school. I figure I will need to make about 4,000 nis/month in order to live. I budgeted and stuff, and I realize now that I wasted about double that every month. Pretty sad. Where did it all go?

I posted on some web groups that I am willing to cook, clean, tutor, babysit. All that stuff. Its sad for me to do that kind of stuff and make a puny living, when I am capable of doing bigger "real" stuff, but the time constraints of school are huge, and preclude a "real" job. Removing the 6 hours per week of English classes, from which I am exempt, I still have 39 hours of class a week. The rest of my class (those not exempt from English) have 45 hours. That is just insane. Basically we have 8-6 4 days a week, and 8-4 on Thursdays.

One very sweet woman responded to my posting saying she'd love to hire me, but she feels bad asking me to clean! Hello, I posted I was willing to clean houses. I'm happy to do whatever I can to afford school. I thought she was really sweet, and funny that she felt bad having me clean. Hey, I don't love it either!

I'm hoping to rack up enough tutoring gigs, that I don't have to clean homes. If you (or anyone you know) needs tutoring.....I can tutor in the following subjects:
Math - Up to high school, not including Calculus
Science - Through college level - No physics
English - reading and writing
Hebrew - for new immigrants
SAT preparation - I'm familiar with the new format having just re-taken it myself.

Drop me a line if you know anyone who can benefit from my services.


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