Monday, August 02, 2004

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Here's what's new in Casa de Noa

* I moved! Moving all went off without a major hitch. My very strong little brother did almost all of the heavy lifting and carrying himself. I merely sat there and worried. And the guy I paid to help us, mostly loaded and unloaded the van, while my brother did the major. Litte Bro was a huge help, and really nice about it.

The new roomate is great, she left this morning for America for 2 plus months. And my wonderful dear friend Mia is making aliyah next week and then will be joining me. So for the next week its just me and Sharona (my doggie -- currently recovering from her rabies shot).

* Work is going rather badly. My boss has not made any more mention of "parting ways" since last week's conversation, and in fact has put me on some new projects. However, she's starting to get really rude and unpleasant. And I'm getting more and more bored. I'm hoping to go back to school, and due to a long, complicated screw-up it may or may not happen. Please, everyone in blog-land, pray it happens for me!

Basically the gist of the story is this.

In April I called the university to see about applying. In Israel the application season opens in late January, with the majority of applications happening in the March/April area depending on one's intended field of study. Answers are usually received by June-July. So I called in April and was told that:
a) The university was unsure if they would be having a class for the Nursing School. They said to call back in July, when they would have a better idea.
b) As a new immigrant, I am required to apply through the Office of Overseas Students (OSS), so the Nursing School couldn't talk to me anymore.

I called the OSS and they confirmed what was said. That I needed to call back in July, because they were unsure of having a class. They said not to apply, rather to wait.

So I called the Nursing School back last week and said "Hi. It's now July (late July). Can I apply?" And whomever I spoke to said "Yes, sure...there's plenty of room still. Open spots". Of course, they said since I am an immigrant I have to apply through the OSS.

I called the OSS and said "Hi. It's July. The Nursing School said to apply, can I come in and apply?" And the woman said "Yes, but you should do it soon. Applications will close eventually". This was last Wednesday morning. So I said "Is it urgent, should I come in tomorrow, or can it wait until Sunday?" And She said, "It can wait til Sunday".

So, on Sunday I went in to apply. She looked at SAT scores (the only criteria they care about) and said "Yup, they're high enough to get in." Then she said to fill out the application, but that she needed to check one thing. She came back and said "Bad news...they closed applications as of today."


The Nursing School told me on Wednesday they had lots of room. The OSS told me on Wednesday I could wait til Sunday. And on Sunday they closed. She said the only thing I could do was write a letter to some appeals committee and hope. She said if there is physically no room, I am out of luck. But if there is physically room, the committee may be able to at least let the Nursing School review my application.

Then yesterday (monday) I went to the Nursing School and spoke to an admissions counselor. I told her what happened. She said that the person i spoke to on Wednesday was wrong, and she should not have told me they were still wide open. And she said whoever I spoke to in April should have told me to apply anyway, not to wait til July. That person, mind you, was her. I spoke to her.

She then called her boss, and wrote a letter to the committee saying that they should help me and that if my scores were high enough they should accept me because "a mistake had been made". I loved the passive from of the verb. No one who actually made the mistake would say "Whoops. We screwed up. Sorry. Here, let's help you". They would simply say, "Wow...someone made a mistake. Don't know who. But let me see what I can do to help."

So the committee apparently was meeting this morning and I am now at their mercy waiting for an answer. One would assume that if a letter was written by the admissions head of the Nursing School saying to accept me if my scores are in order that there is in fact at least one spot left for little old me. And having been told my scores were high enough, one can hope they would let me occupy that spot. But we shall wait.

Meanwhile, if anyone out there in blog-land knows someone in admissions at the Hadassah Nursing School please, lend me your vitamin P ( in "It's not what you know, its who you know").

* The folks are arriving in one week. And the flat is mostly empty. Though I got them a very cute doorsign that incorporates their new hebrew names and the family pets. So there's a lovely sign welcoming them to their totally bare home!

* As for D., the love and light of my life. I have decided to try one last method....the "you catch more flies with honey..." approach. I am big enough to admit that over the past few months I have been angry at D. (for not wanting to get married, for not bringing me flowers, for whatever) and I do understand why he wouldn't want to marry someone who yells at him on a weekly basis. In some ways its been working for both of us. I've lengthened my fuse a bit. If he forgets to bring me flowers, or call or whatever, I have not bitten his head off. As a result, he calls more often, does nice things more often, probably because he's not worried about making a misstep.

While this has not yet led to a proposal, I am trying to ignore that for at least a month or so. We're both happier this way, and its far more enjoyable to be with each other. I'm just worried about investing more energy and still getting hurt. however, life and love is always a risk. No comments please on the D. issue. I love you all, and value your comments, but I find that they make my head spin sometimes and I begin to attribute speculations on D.'s feeling to D. himself, and end up getting mad at hime for things he never said or did.

Whew....that was long


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi... I'm absolutely not going to make any mention of the huge mistake you are making with D! Wouldn't dream of it!!!


Now that I haven't done that... I just wanted to know if you had heard about the Anglo-blogger get together being planned for September 2nd in Tel Aviv. If not, you should check out An Unsealed Room for details and message traffic.

If you need a ride you can tag along with me.

David (

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