Friday, September 10, 2004

A few funnies

UPDATE on the incompetencies of the hospital. To the person who works at a Jerusalem hospital, the one I went to was Hadassah Ein Kerem -- where I'll be starting school next month.

Anyway, after Dr. R. caught that the Frenchie prescribed an antibiotic I was allergic to, he told me to just stay on the doxycycline that the first ER doctor, from Sunday, had started me on.

Yesterday Dr. R. called to tell me that he had the CT scan read by the chief of radiology at Hadassah EK, and that they found an enormous pneumonia, almost the entire left upper lobe, with nodular involvement and effusions. Not good. So he said he'd like me to be on the antibiotics for 3 weeks instead of 10 days. I told him I was going to need another prescription then. He asked me how many pills I had left. I said, "well, they gave me 10 on Monday, and I took one a day, but threw up 2, so I have 4 left." He said "You took one a day??? Why?" I told him that's what the ER doc prescribed and that Dr. L. (the now totally dumped family doctor) had agreed with. He said, "No wonder you weren't getting better. One pill a day is the dose for acne. For pneumonia you should be getting at least double that!!"

So now I am on the right dose of medicine, and feeling a bit better. He said I'll be pretty sick for a while, about a month. Today I took a field trip to a pizza store with my parents and D. and it wiped me out.

So here's the people I almost shot while I was sick:

The nail/cuticle cutter
You know how in New York, on the subway, certain people clip their fingernails, even their toenails, on the train, and think its ok. As if they are all alone, on their morning commute, and have a few annoying "housekeeping" rituals to do. As if no one else is there, wading through their toenails and fingernails? I hate that.

So this woman was in the emergency room, clearly with her son, and she starts clipping her toenails and trimming her cuticles. Nasty. She was carefully building a pile of the clippings on her knee. The clipping was nasty, particularly in a room full of very sick people, but she was clearly planning on throwing it all away, perhaps in the trash can about 4 feet away from her.

Nope. She stood up, brushed the nails and skin on the floor, then continued talking on her phone. I thought this was especially rude, since some fell on my foot. And I'm sick as hell, along with 10 other people in the room. So I tapped her on her shoulder and said, "Lady, this isn't your bathroom". She gave me this nasty look and said "What's it to you?" I said, "I'm sitting here, its disgusting, and you've dropped them on my sandaled feet." She said, "They fell." I told her I saw her do it on purpose, brushed them on the floor, with my own eyes. So she goes, "Who cares? It's not like I'm sick!" I said, "I am, however. And its gross and rude, and insensitive to the other sick people." I pointed out the trash can not 4 feet from her. And she said "Lo ba li" -- meaning, "I don't feel like it."

I thought about an appropriate response. And then, holding my chest X-rays in my hand, I began coughing on her face. Wet coughs. I was sitting about 15 inches from her.

She turned to me, horrified, and said "Cover your mouth when you cough...use your hand. It's right there, and you've got one for a reason."

So I looked at her and said, "Lo ba li"

Don't mess with me when I am sick.


Blogger lisoosh said...

I have enjoyed your blog.

On the woman in the emergency room - "Magia la".

6:37 AM  
Blogger Adrian said...

Get well soon. I feel for you.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Noa, you rock. That was a great comeback.

Feel better soon!

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The doctors in Israel count on you knowing your own illnesses better than them, and then telling them what prescriptions to write for you. It is more efficient and saves time (and thought)

10:28 PM  

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