Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Just a quick posting from Cape Town, South Africa where Bryan and I are spending the holiday with Bryan's folks.

The trip so far (halfway through) has been great fun, mostly. Bryan nearly got us thrown off the flight on the way down. First, there was a group of jabbery old ladies from Holon/Tel Aviv sitting behind us on the way down. While everyone was finding their seats, Bryan found one of those blow-up neck-pillow things that wrap around one's neck to support their head whilst sleeping. Bryan promptly picked up the "found" one from the floor and put it on his neck. I told him to take it off, as it was obviously someone's, and when they came looking for it, it would seem pretty bad that Bryan had already appropriated it for homself. But did he listen? No. Sure enough, two minutes later one of the jabbery old ladies started freaking out that Bryan had stolen her neck pillow (I have no idea how she knew it was hers, half the plane had them). Then, every time someone in our vicinity couldn't find something (their passport, the yoghurt from their in-flight tray, the love of their life), they would point to Bryan and say loudly, "Why don't you ask him? Maybe he stole it!"

Then, as if sitting in the screaming baby section of the plane wasn't bad enough, the kid across the aisle from us started looking a bit green as we neared landing. His mom had a barf bag over his face and he looked like he was going to blow any minute. Bryan and I thought we could make it all a bit more interesting by taking bets as to during which 5-minute interval on the clock the little kid would actually puke. I had the 7:55 to 8:00 time zone, and bryan had 8:00-8:05. As soon as we got to 8:00, Bryan decided to increase his odds by making gagging noises and talking loudly about eating camel turds and monkey poo. The mother then leaned across the aisle and rightfully shouted - at me! (Because I was closer, and because when given a choice in a confrontation, women will always choose to confront another woman). So when the kid actually threw up at 8:07, guess who had to assist with the clean-up in order to make-up for my fiance's obnoxious behavior!!!

The moral of the story - Never travel on a plane with Bryan unless there are multiple diversion tactics. If you board the plane, and the plane is lacking those mini-tv screens on the back of each seat, and the stewardess announces that the VCR is broken and there will be no in-flight movies, and the flight is 9 hours long, get off the plane.

Chag sameach - I'll post when I get back as it is too frustrating working off of my in-laws dialup connection and Commodore 64!


Blogger Andy said...

Hi Noa.

If you go to the Sea Point shule and see Normie Issacson there, please give him and everyone else kind regards from me.

7:21 AM  
Blogger lisoosh said...

I'm the person with the screaming kids on any plane.


P.S. You really didn't have to help her clean up her kids puke.

P.P.S. Welcome to the realities of "married" life.

3:43 PM  
Blogger Gilly said...

My better half went a little bit stir crazy on our latest trip too - I'm going to try tranquilizers next time - will let you know if they do the trick...

6:45 PM  

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